What makes NAOMI special?

Choose the area you want to work on

Are you stressed, anxious or depressed? Can't sleep or control your anger? NAOMI offers you solutions.

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Go through the exercise and track your progress

NAOMI offers fun and interactive techniques and exercises based on cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Feel better and more productive!

NAOMI offers you an insight into your progress and helps you feel better, more satisfied and more functional.

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What is the best thing about NAOMI?

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She is available 24/7 on your Android or iOS device


She recognizes and understands the text you type in the app


She offers you interactive, educational and fun techniques


She connects you with certified psychotherapists, if you need it

Easy to use, and completely anonymous.

Install the app on your mobile device. Choose what you want to work on and let NAOMI guide you. If necessary, make an appointment with a therapist.

  • Open the app
  • Select an area
  • Indulge in NAOMI techniques
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She sends reminders and allows you to track your progress.

NAOMI encourages you to get active regularly and take care of yourself every day. In doing so, it is important to monitor your progress, which is why NAOMI offers you graphs and a diary of your condition!

  • Your personal profile
  • Collecting points
  • Interesting reminders
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Download the NAOMI app

A mental health assistant that fits in your pocket. Do something for yourself today!

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