The most common cause of sick leave or leaving work, in addition to health problems, are mental health problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a particularly negative impact on the mental health of people globally, including employees of individual companies. In order for the company to prevent losses incurred for the above reasons, it is necessary to further engage in the protection of the mental health of its employees.

The application is fully compliant with all the latest GDPR provisions. The data in the application is completely anonymous, and the user does not enter any personal data in the application that would violate his confidentiality.

One of the most common reasons why engagement in the benefits the company offers is low is the fear and shame that employees have. People are sometimes ashamed and afraid to admit their problems to their family members or partners, and it is all the more difficult for them to show their weaknesses in front of anyone in the company where they are employed. NAOMI is therefore an ideal solution because employees are completely anonymous and can get the necessary help in the field of mental health through the mobile application, 0-24h.

How it works?

One of the possibilities offered by the NAOMI application is connecting users with a specialist psychotherapist. By providing a premium version to its employees, one option is for the company to fund individual psychotherapy meetings of employees with therapists.

Good information has proven to be an extremely important motivator for making a decision about using the app. Therefore, experts from the NAOMI team regularly organize a NAOMI presentation for employees, in order to educate them about all the benefits that the application brings. However, not all employees are accustomed to using applications nor do they have mental health problems. The usual number of active users of mental health applications in foreign markets is 10-30% within one company. Our first data are in line with the above statistics. However, it is extremely important to give all employees within the company access to the application because we never know which of them needs help, and difficulties are manifested in the workplace.

A contract with all confidentiality provisions is first signed with the company. All employees of the company are given access to the premium version of the application for 30 days without any fees. Within this period, it is possible to cancel the contract free of charge. The trial period serves to check the extent to which employees will accept and use the application. Each employee receives a unique coupon through which they activate their premium version.

At the end of the 30-day free period, the company receives a report showing how many employees activated the application, how often they used it and which techniques they most often solved. Additionally, in companies, it may be possible to measure the relationship between general mental health and the level of burnout with performance parameters such as work engagement or general job satisfaction.

What do we get?

The premium version offers users access to the entire content of the application, which is updated from month to month. Certain features of the application are not available to users in the free version. The premium version is provided through a monthly or annual fee.

The offer

The price of the premium version of the application is determined by the size of the company, more precisely by the number of employees within the company who activated the premium version of the application. The higher the number of employees, the lower the price.

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