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Naomi is designed with high level of ease of use so any user can focus on what is important and that is achieving and sustaining mental health wellbeing

 ...With Complex Structure

Our platform is derived from years of field experience of our certified psychologists and top of the line digital solution that is capable of maintaining entire teams

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Our Mission

With NAOMI mental wellness we want to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, remove prejudices towards seeking psychological help, and make psychological counseling and emotional support available to a larger number of people through their smartphone.

Our Challenges

Don't know how to get rid of stress and tension? Naomi offers concrete solutions and relaxation techniques that are fast and effective.

Feeling down

For all those who are in a bad mood, depressed and lonely - Naomi can teach you how to quickly improve your mood and how to make such a good mood last as long as possible.


Sometimes worries overwhelm us so much that we become anxious and tense. How to worry less and what to do with your worries? Naomi has a solution.

Sleeping problems

Although it sometimes seems impossible to re-establish healthier sleep hygiene, with regular use of the techniques offered by Naomi the first results will be visible very quickly.


Sometimes it’s so hard to learn to control anger and rage, and then we have reactions that we later regret. Naomi can teach you how to control your anger.

Self confidence

How do we feel the best we can in our skin? There are solutions, and Naomi offers some of them that can help you be as confident as possible.


It is based on cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, which has proven to be the fastest and most effective psychotherapeutic direction. Through a clear structure and concrete steps of application, progress in therapy can be easily monitored and measured.


It is available for Android and IOS mobile systems. Encourages daily activity within the app to continuously work on improving your mental health and have measurable indicators of progress.

Recommended by experts

Naomi within the app offers the option of contacting a psychotherapist of your choice. All psychotherapists within the application validated and supported the content of the application.

Our Psychologists

Sandro Kraljević is a psychologist, founder and CEO of Mind Lab LLC, a company specializing in applied business psychology. It primarily provides services in the field of psychological assessment and development of employees and managers, regardless of their hierarchical level and activity, as well as business training and education for the purpose of developing soft skills.

Sandro Kraljević

Nikolina Šaravanja is a psychologist, a final year student of the postgraduate doctoral study of psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She is a co-founder and head of the Cognitio Center for Psychological Counseling, Education and Research. She is employed part-time as an assistant in the Study of Psychology and the Study of Speech Therapy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Mostar.

Nikolina Šaravanja